In the courtroom, we project your evidence onto a screen with unobstructed views for the judge and jury. Audio is played through a professional amplifier with two speakers to assure every word is heard clearly, even in the noisiest courtrooms. A document camera and extra monitors are available upon request.

In our changing world, tight security is the norm for most courthouses. Our videographers know how to get themselves and their equipment through the inspection process in order to be setup when expected. They know who’s boss in the courtroom and react to any instructions by the judge and/or the court staff, making sure they and their equipment are out of the court’s way until called upon.

What makes for a good argument, at bottom, is being more prepared than anyone else in that courtroom, and being willing to fight to tell your client’s story – the story of why the right view of the law and my client’s interests are one and the same. Patricia Millett

certified legal video deposition experts bucks county pa

Our location in central Bucks County provides us the opportunity to travel farther without a travel fee, including Allentown, Princeton, Wilmington and anywhere in Philadelphia and its suburbs. We cover Harrisburg, Scranton, North Jersey and the Jersey Shore, Reading and areas beyond for a minimum travel fee.